Agatha Christie’s Hjerson

September 14, 2021

Directors: Lisa Farzaneh & Lisa James Larsson Costume design: Cilla Rörby Written by: Björn Paqualin, Patrik Gyllström, Jakob Beckman, Aron Levander & Martin Luuk. Producent by: B-Reel Films TV4, C More Agatha Christie’s Hjerson TV4 play

Thunder in my heart

May 21, 2021

Playing the part of Eva in this lovely series. Written and created by: Amy Deasismont Directors: Anders Hazelius, Sanna Lenken & Amy Deasismont B Reel Films, Viaplay


April 21, 2020

Directed by: Jens Sjögren & Rojda Sekersöz Written by: Sara Kadefors DOP: Johan Palm & Christian Haag Actors: Maria Sundbom Lörelius, Bahare Razek Ahmadi, Klara Zimmergren, Peshang Rad, Siham Shurafa and many others. B Reel Films, SVT

Everything I don’t remember

September 3, 2019

I’m playing Laide in the tv series ”Allt Jag Inte Minns“ (Everything I don’t remember). Based on the novel with the same name by Jonas Hassen Khemiri. Premiered on SVT September 8th 2019 _________________________________ Director Beata Gårdeler Director of Photography Gösta Reiland Script Piotr Marciniak Key Makeup Artist Pia...

Springfloden 2

November 5, 2018

In the second season of the SVT production of Spring Tide/Springfloden. I played the parts of Samira Khalil and her sister Nidhal. Directors: Nicklas Ohlson, Pontus Klänge, Mattias Ohlsson Filmlance/SVT